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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

My name is Peter Shankman, and I’ve spent the past twenty years starting, building, and selling companies, as well as writing best-selling books, speaking to corporations all over the world, making almost daily TV appearances, teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their personal and professional lives, and finally, being a husband and a father. I’ve also been diagnosed gifted with ADD/ADHD.

So what’s my secret? I’ve learned to use my ADD/ADHD as an advantage, not as a disability. I’ve come up with and implemented countless tricks, secrets, and hacks that constantly improve my day to day life, professionally, and personally. Faster Than Normal is where I’m going to share them with you. Peter Shankman

Founder, Faster Than Normal

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Get Up! Talking ADHD & Good Mental Health w/ Rockstars Shinedown

I have been listening to our guests for well more than a decade! They have been part of my playlist since the summer of 2006 when their music helped me run the NYC Marathon faster than I ever had before. You surely know their music too, even if you’ve never heard the...

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Hidden Gems

FTN 84: The ADHD Twitter Scientists

Big ups to FitKit for supporting the podcast this week. FitKit offers a number of different wellness products for both mind and body that make healthy living SIMPLE! I love their products and live by them when on the road. All of the kits are portable and packable,...

FTN 72: A Re-Introduction – With Special Guest, well, Me!

So the Faster Than Normal book came out last week, debuting at #1 in multiple categories on Amazon! With that, I want to welcome a TON of new listeners to the FTN Podcast! And I figured, what better way to do that than do to a quick podcast live from a rest stop on...

FTN 69: Hey Mr. ADHD DJ! With DJ John Michael DiSpirito

Say hey to DJ John Michael! He's the official DJ in Residence at Peloton Cycle (now known as OnePeloton,) he's trained under Junior Vasquez, and knows more 80s trivia than you do. This isn't assumption, this is fact. DJ John Michael gives us 30+ minutes of over the...