The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Hustling with Parentpreneur Advocate & Author, James Oliver Jr.

by Faster Than Normal

Today we talk with James Oliver, Jr.  He’s the Founder of WeMontage, the world’s only websites that turns your permanent photo memories into removable wallpaper, and author of the book, “The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get: You Can Be a Successful Parentpreneur.” James has an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill, an accounting degree from Morehouse College and is known throughout the universe as Co-Founder of the world’s cutest twins, Thaddeus & Zoe.  We talk some about his proud parenting, about being entrepreneurs and about James’ unique journey thus far. Enjoy!

In this episode Peter and James discuss:

1:20-  Intro and Welcome James! refs: WeMontage, The More You Hustle The Luckier You Get

2:08-  How did you wind up an entrepreneur; tell us about your background?

4:25-  How & when did the Parentpreneur thing begin?

7:47-  Talk to us about your day-to-day struggle, balancing being an entrepreneur & a parent.

9:32-  How did you develop a good/working rule-set for yourself, with regard to balancing work versus Daddy/family time?

10:20-  How do you limit your daily distractions?

11:52-  How can people find you James? INSTA: @TrepDad Twitter: @JamesOliverJr

12:40-  Thank you James and thank YOU for listening! You can always reach me at [email protected] or @petershankman on all of the socials. Also at @FasterThanNormal on all of the socials.

13:04-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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  1. james oliver, jr.

    It was a blast to chat with you. Thank you for having me on the podcast.


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