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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD getting the games going with Polygon co-founder & Fun historian Russ Frushtick

by Faster Than Normal

ADHD getting the games going w/h Polygon co-founder & Fun historian, Russ Frushtick

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This week we caught up with grown-up gamer & tech guru Russ Frushtick. Russ is the co-founder of Polygon, Vox Media’s gaming, technology and pop culture vertical. He has been covering gaming and technology for over a decade now, writing for The New York Times, Laptop Magazine, The Daily, Edge Magazine and Complex. He’s also appeared as a tech expert on national broadcasts for Fox News, MTV, and the BBC. He can be heard weekly as a co-host of CNET’s long-running technology podcast, “The 404”, and now on “The History of Fun” podcast.  Super cool- enjoy!

In this episode, Peter and Russ discuss:

0:40- Thanks again to for sponsoring this podcast!

2:14- Introducing Russ Frushtick

3:31- When were you diagnosed and what’s your backstory?

6:18- Adderall. What differences do you experience on, versus, off of your prescription?

7:38- Y’know that scene in the movie “Limitless”?

8:23- Fighting a stigma

9:05- Talk to us about video games, tech and your journey with these passion(s)?

11:28- E3, yep

11:43- What tips and lifehacks via ADHD, have you been able to employ in your work?

12:40- How do you ‘reset’ when you start losing focus?

14:12- Some of the benefits of playing video games…

14:44- What are some of your most favorite video games of “All time”!?

15:25- What would be your one tip for parents who are wondering: What’s next for my child who may have ADD, or ADHD?

17:13- How can people find you on the socials? @RussFrushtick @TheHistoryOfFun podcast

17:45- Thank you Russ!!

18:04- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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