The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD My first podcast visit with OnePeloton’s, Mr. Denis Morton

by Faster Than Normal

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This week’s episode is a special one to me. Meet Denis Morton, one of the many talented instructors at OnePeloton. What I love so much about this interview is Denis’ honesty, and the forthcoming way in which he shares his wins and losses in his world, and how everything he’s done has helped shape his life as it is today.

I’m lucky to have had the chance to interview Denis, and you’re lucky to hear it.

This is one of the best conversations I’ve had on FTN since I launched the podcast over two years ago.



In this episode, Peter and Denis discuss:

0:40- A big thank you to for sponsoring this podcast!!

2:00- Intro and welcome!

2:25- Denis’ bio

2:58- Walk us through your history, won’t you?

5:07- I did the things I had to do in order to do the things I wanted to do.

5:14- Did you find enjoyment an any of the ‘have to’ tasks?

5:44- Would you talk a little more about getting comfortable with that jagged edge and how you deal with fear?

6:16- Susan Jeffers book and Denis’ nickname “The Shaman of Spin

6:55- On the cycle you’re working on and the cycle that you are in

7:54- Joseph Campbell always talks about slaying your dragons

8:20- Ripping it up and rolling the dice, again, again and again

9:38- “Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.” – G.K. Chesterton

10:00-  Courage is shaking in your boots, but walking anyway

10:45- What quiets the ‘voice’ inside your head, what calms you?

13:28- Control_Alt-Deleting your brain in order to focus & reset

14:40- poikilothermia definition Poikilotherm wiki

15:10- What happens when you’re in a situation where you can’t get to a place that you can do something physical to reset?  Or like when you’re recovering from ACL surgery, for example.

16:53- Without the regimens, do you find yourself ‘in your head’ a lot?

17:17- Making and maintaining a “Happy checklist”

17:58- What are your bad weather fail-safes?

20:27- Sometimes if it’s about finding solace, it’s not necessarily about the activity through which you find solace, but rather the solace that you find.

21:12- Sharing about shifting perspective through skydiving

22:57- On not overthinking and continuing to try

24:00- What do you think it is about things like” Spin class, sky diving or surfing that creates a good addiction for people like us?

26:10- How can we find you on the socials? INSTA: @denis_morton FB: DenisMorton-Peloton TWITTER:@DenisNoMenace

26:37- Thank you Denis, we can’t wait for you to visit with us again!

27:17- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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