Here are five quick things you can do that have been PROVEN to boost your dopamine and let your ADHD work to your advantage. I do each of them every day, and they truly work!

1) Stand up and walk around. Reading this at a desk? Take three minutes (literally, only three minutes,) and walk briskly around your office or building. That’s it. Just three minutes has been shown to ramp up the dopamine in your brain, and leave you feeling more alert than drinking a cup of coffee. Bonus: No crash!

2) Eat a green thing. Taking care of your diet is hands down, one of the best ways to push your ADHD into the brilliant zone. Eat healthy, be healthy. Eat bad, be bad. Instead of fast food for lunch today, try some skinless chicken breast over a salad. Indulge on some good blue cheese dressing. Even the calories from that are far less than the double burger of death you were going to get.

3) Drink some water! Drink a LOT of water. Water boosts EVERYTHING about you. It helps your eyes, skin, brain, hands, cells, you name it. Here’s a tip: 100% of us are probably dehydrated 99% of the time. Drink more water. Right now. A big glass. Need to be reminded to drink more water? Try the Hidrate Spark. Lights up when you haven’t gulped H20 in a while;.

4) Early morning exercise will change your life. Really, any type of exercise will. But a 45 minutes on a spin bike, or even just hanging out on an Elliptical machine a few times a week will greatly improve your life.

5) (POSSIBLY THE BEST TIP YET) Get better sleep. I bought a white noise machine for $40 a few months ago, and it CHANGED MY LIFE. My sleep is SO much better now. Forty bucks? That’s like, 2 lattes at Starbucks that you won’t need anymore because you’re getting better sleep!

Take care of yourself. You’re all you’ve got.