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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

FTN 73: ADHD In a Strange Land, with Guest Christopher Walker

by Faster Than Normal

Welcome to Faster Than Normal, Episode 72! This week, we talk to Christopher Walker, via a digital connection all the way from Japan!

Sometimes, the best way to get a handle on your ADHD is to leave the office, or work from a new place. Christopher took that to an extreme, settling in Kanagawa, Japan, after eight years in the US Military! Originally from North Carolina, Chris opens up in this week’s episode, and talks about his experience in the military, handling his ADHD, and trying to manage ADHD while also trying to learn the language!

It’s a great interview that you’re going to enjoy!

As always, thanks for listening! And hey: Did you know the FTN book is still a best-seller on Amazon? Check it out!

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  1. LIZ

    Love the stop & shut down when over whelmed or over stimulated. HUGE & I need to work on that!
    My job has lots of little awful details that zap me. Love the sales (esp if it was outside sales like it use to be), but the details kill the creativity. I need a change & have ideas, but am stuck….
    I also need to EXERCISE & it is my pill! Even a short burst of something aerobic. The gym is my sanctuary.



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