You can do the same to your brain!

Ask any techie the #1 way to cure a slow or sluggish computer, and they’ll all agree: Reboot it. Rebooting a machine cleans out all the RAM, starts you fresh, and bumps up speed and processing power, all of which can slow down after being used for long periods of time without breaks.

The ADHD brain is the same way! The best way to give your brain a little boost in the middle of the day? Reboot it with these three easy steps below, and enjoy using the full processing power your Faster Than Normal brain is ready to provide!

  1. Stand up, walk to the sink, fill a bottle with water, and guzzle! Studies have shown that on any given day, close to 80% of the US population is slightly to moderately dehydrated. We don’t drink anywhere near enough water as we should, and we drink way too much of other things, like sugary sodas, sugary juices, and caffeine-laden beverages. Simply replacing some of those with water, and drinking more water than you currently do can kick your brain into high gear. It’s one of the easiest ways to reboot your brain and super-charge your afternoon.
  2. Exercise! Even if you can’t get out for an afternoon workout, the simple act of walking up a few flights of stairs can help reboot your brain and get you set to rule your next meeting! (Tweet this!) I’ve been known to take the elevator to a floor ten floors below where my next meeting is, then jog up the stairs. I walk in, I’m a little winded, but all my energy and concentration is right back where I need it to be.
  3. Sing a song! This one sounds crazy, but I swear by it – I keep some of my favorite music on my iPhone in a playlist called “ADHD-BUSTER.” I’ll turn it up, shut my door (or find an empty broom closet or bathroom, if need be,) and sing my heart out for the next three minutes. Sure, it might require a little explaining if someone walks in on you, but let me tell you, after singing “La Vie Boheme” from The Broadway Show “Rent,” I can walk into any meeting and turn on my best magic, just like that.

What are your favorite ways to reboot your brain? I’d love to hear them in the comments, or tweet us: @fasternormal!